Nangis.. Lagi.. Gara-gara baca novel “Looking For Laskar Cinta” by Monica Petra..
Seriously.. How Laskar could smile to Laura on his last months ???
T___T I burst into tears when finished it. The book isn’t new anymore..
It’s quite old,but still … GREAT every time I re-read it..

Just read the last chapters when they talked about “A Rabbit Clown” until when Laura knew the truth…
OMG .. That was so .. Ironic ..
The part when Laura knew that Laskar went already .. It was hurt me ..
I just couldn’t imagine it .. Someone I loved,he still lives at least..

But if .. JUST IF someday he left .. Will I get the same sign like what Laura did ?
I’m hoping if I can get his news with my instinct …
I believe in it..

And hell yah NOOOO .. I hate some parts in this book …
To mean >_>” But,I said so because It’s totally same with me >> Don’t want to say thanks to God when I’m supposed to do it..
Geez .. It makes me … fly ?

Because then I let my self went to my life and looked over the book again..
Is life that hard ? Is life that mean for me ?
Why I can’t smile well ?
Why it’s hard to smile when there are many good things ??


2 respons untuk ‘LOOKING FOR “LASKAR CINTA” — Another Tears

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    1. Wahhh .. Makasih banyak mbak sudah mampir ke sini >< ~ Hehe .. Terkesan banget mbak saya sama bukunya .. Kebetulan ada part2 yang mirip dengan saya dan cinta masa lalu saya XDDD

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