“WE CAN NOT STOP HERE” by Hong Seung Seong ~

I have just finished reading the ‘We Can Not Stop Here’ book by Hong Seung Seong.

If you don’t really know who is he, he is the CEO and the owner of CUBE Entertainment.

He’s someone who gave chance toward BEAST and 4Minute plus G.Na to get up and reach their dreams again.

I, myself, am not a fans of CUBE Entertainment’s idols. If you asked me why did I bring this book even if I’m not a fans of CUBE Ent, actually, I don’t even know why.

But something obvious, I didn’t buy it based on “I’m a k-pop fan, so I must’ve liked everything bout K-Pop or Korea!” reason.

I have learnt too much these past years to kick aside that kind of reason from my mind. Thank you to my Triple S unnies who helped me to be mature a little..

It’s kinda boring when I tried to finish reading it, AGH! Blame those exams for taking my times TT____TT

But as it came to the end, I felt more.. Hopeless.. Scared but also feeling like a coward.

I want to go to one of “famous” and “high quality” High School. The way to get into the school is pretty hard.

I don’t have to mention the amount of money which I have to pay right?

It feels so embarrassing if I can’t go into the school. Oh no, It’s more than just embarrassing.

I really want to go through it so bad. It’s more than what you think.

This is my dream…. This is the desire that I had felt way go before when I decided to go to SMPN 2 Mataram as my place to continue my education..

I have never given up for my dream to go to this school. It is true that I somehow, always whining and regretting after being a student in this school.

But still, it was and still is my big desire… I have loved the process although sometimes it just makes me frustrated even more.

Now that my biggest desire is to go through that High School. I know, I know that there are some BEST schools in this city.

I really know and even have thought for making them as my “back up” plane. But …. I have never thought for being a student for one of them.

What the book has taught me is , I can’t give up toward my dream. I have to get up again from my knees, don’t care for how many times I had fallen down.

But …. As what I have said before, I’m really scared.

My health seems to get worse. Although it’s still minor, but the HS is so tight about health and academic.

I feel like I want to cry TT____TT…

Mr. HSS said in his book that we can’t give up when we have entered the way which we have chosen before.

Because, when we chose our dream, we should have known the risk and we should’ve been ready for the consequences. It’s a path that we have chosen at the end.

I know that plant it into my life would never be easy as I’m a very weak girl.

I can’t even stand for my own decision. That’s how bad I am …

Ah … Eottohke ???~

I really want to be like what Mr. HSS said, to fight over your dreams… You will have to comeback on your basic dream when you really don’t know where should go again..

TT_____TT ~ Wish me luck >_<



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