Stargirl and Love, Stargirl

I didn’t know that Stargirl– the book I read when I visited an English class for the 8th grader in NSC– has its sequel. I read Stargirl (the first book) in English but sadly, I didn’t finish reading it because I was just too busy to spare some time to read. However, just three days ago, I found out that Stargirl has its sequel when I went to rent novels WOHOOO! Yeah, it’s in Bahasa but I don’t mind though. I know it would be more beautiful if I read it in English and not in Bahasa but the emotions that Stargirl felt are still delivered, so I have nothing to complain.

Stargirl is written in Leo’s perspective which makes it sometimes lacks of emotions. The way Leo and Stargirl interacted is really intense in this book. I mean, Leo is someone who can’t accept Stargirl as the way she is. He makes her to become ordinary when she’s comfortable for not being ordinary. Leo is really slow to accept his feeling toward Stargirl too. Sometimes he just can’t accept who she is and that’s why he’s so selfish in my opinion. Anyway, he found so many beautiful things with Stargirl and I can’t help but to wonder how to actually find those beauties they found in my place. The moment I love the most is when the two of them dating and Stargirl being so generous. Leo is really shy though. Sometimes I have to shake my head in disapproval on what he does to Stargirl. He’s embarrassed by Stargirl for God’s sake. What kind of boyfriend is he?! There’s also a moment when the two of them actually go unnoticed by people. The two of them just ‘disappear’ and go ‘unnoticed’. It was amazing, really. What makes me to hate Leo is when he avoids Stargirl and breaks up with her just because she’s weird. I mean, isn’t it fine to become different from the rest of people around us? Why is it so hard to accept that?

However, in the second book, it’s written in Stargirl’s perspective. It’s really heartwarming. The second book makes me realize that she’s just another teenager girl. She has so many sensitive points that Leo didn’t realize. She has feeling– that’s what no one knew in the first book. Reading the second book, I can’t help but to wonder how Leo would react if he reads the ‘letter’ Stargirl writes for him? Will he actually go and find her? Stargirl writes that she misses him and she’s lonely because she just can’t move on from Leo. He’s the one who takes her heart and she only wants him but where is he? Stargirl actually has someone she can actually fall for– and he even kissed her– but she can’t go away from Leo’s image and her love for Leo. Sigh. It’s really hard to become sane with her condition.

In conclusion, I want a third book for this. I really want to read about the two of them together again. They are just beautiful. I also envy Stargirl and her life– for real!


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