Shall We Move On?

These days, I have spent some times to chase after someone. Wait, does it sound serious and stalker like? That’s not the case, really. It’s just that I fall hard for someone but then I realized that there is no future with him. But I’m just too stubborn to believe that and continously tell myself that MAYBE I can change the fate.

This kind of moments usually make me very productive. I mean, who won’t? After all, this is the best feeling you will ever have. Falling in love is everything, for a brief second. The bitter sweet feeling you get from loving someone a little bit too much….

Some of my friends told me how they like it to be free and not being in a commitment with someone. I know very well they are right. However, I refuse to believe that. I have a vrush, mind you. But however, I doubt if he ever notices me?

So… I make a promise start from today that I will stop adoring him. I do not want to get hurt more by him. Why more when you said that I don’t love him by all of my heart, you ask. Because even when I don’t have a very deep feeling on him, I already got some scars. It really is hard sometimes to have one-sided love.




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