[FF] Please Love Me

Title : Please Love Me


Choo Sarang as Sarang

Song Manse as Manse

Song Daehan as Daehan

Song Mingguk as Mingguk

Song Ilgook as Song’s father

Choo Sunghoo as Sarang’s father

Shiho as Sarang’s mother

Yuto as Yuto

Haru as Haru

Junsu as Junsu

Soeun and SeoJun as Lee Twins

PS : This is a special fanfic for my friend who had designed me the poster I asked her to make for my other story in AFF. I have no debt anymore!

I don’t own these kids and it’s purely an imagination of what they could be in the future.


Choo Sarang looked around her in disbelief. Her ears were red with anger and they were more sensitive that usual. The tickling voice of her watch became her reminder of the time and how long she had spent in the café. For the nth times, Song Manse got the gut to be late in the most important day for them. She thought Manse wouldn’t be his usual self for today but, looking up at their dating history, she knew she wished for something impossible. Manse had always tried to avoid what he called as “nuisance and romance going together”. And he did it for every time since they were together two years ago, whenever he had the chance.

It would be a lie if Sarang said it didn’t irritate her. For most of the time, she had always been irritated by his insensitive act. She had tried hard to understand him and he turned her into a fool like this. He always begged for her understanding and as the result, he would always forget his promise or their important dates.

The thought of Manse’s absence made Sarang to sit uncomfortably on her chair. They had promised to meet on Mingguk’s café as Manse wanted to eat his favorite serving there. Mingguk’s café was popular for its service. Almost no forbidden could be found in the café. It was almost like an outdated café among cafes that had a lot of warnings of what to do or not inside. And even though its maids usually would wait with patience on their place, Sarang knew some of them had secretly stolen glances on her.

She couldn’t blame them for that little unusual behavior as she had been there for almost an hour and all she ordered was only a glass of watermelon juice—her favorite when she was uncertain of something. It was safe to say that Sarang was thinking to leave the place in any second now if Manse wasn’t going to show up.

Although she wanted to stand up and just leave that place when the thought approached her, she couldn’t ignore the whisper in her heart. Her heart— almost hesitantly—asked her to wait longer, maybe ten minutes more. Sarang knew it wouldn’t worth it, however, she chose that instead of suddenly rising up from her seat when now all of the maids’ eyes were on her. It was as if they were counting when she would get up and disappear.

As she gritted her teeth in both embarrassment and anger, she promised to ignore Manse and let him to just do what he wanted instead of trying to be involved with his life.


“I’m sorry!”

Sarang sighed upon the noise on her back. Her fingers quickly searched for her earphone. It was not the proper time to listen on someone’s useless talk. When her finger found the wire, she quickly pulled it closer to her and wore it. As soon as she plugged the earphone to her cell phone, she scrolled and put the rock songs she had on her cell phone.

The song blasted in her ears as she scanned the papers she was holding. She tried—or so she convinced herself—to read the words on the papers. The contract in her hand would determine the number in her bank account—and she wasn’t going to lie, she needed a lot as she was planning to buy a house in Korea. It was her nature to always read everything carefully. Especially contracts as she didn’t want to be a victim of an unfair contract. Became a model in Korea was a harder task than when she was in Japan.

The thing was that she couldn’t concentrate. With Manse’s begging face ghosted her from the back and how her head couldn’t stop replaying his voice inside her head, it was an impossible task to focus on work. She hated this weak side of her.

Many people would just ignore their boyfriend’s mistake and move on. She had seen her friends did that to their boyfriends, no matter how things turned worse. They would hang on there and say it was okay. It made her to doubt herself. Why couldn’t she do the same to Manse?

Sarang bit her bottom lip hesitantly as she turned her chair to face the glass wall behind her. Manse was practically begging on his knees outside as he put his palms on the wall’s surface. For one second, she didn’t know if she had to laugh or be touched with that scene. Especially when she noticed that Manse’s head hung down.

The most loved actor of South Korea looked so pitiful in front of her now. Sarang had to admit how she felt grateful for being the only person Manse chose to show this weak side of him. Although, if she had to be very honest, this kind of scenes was something she was very familiar with. How could she not? Manse would always do this whenever he had missed something or when he remembered that Sarang was somewhere out there, waiting for him to come—or should she say, remember? This to be said, Sarang felt her heart frozen, totally not moved even for a moment.

Still sitting on her place, Sarang watched as Manse’s head started to rise. Then, when she looked at his eyes, Sarang knew the answer of her question. The reason she had always been angry on him and had a hard time to forgive him every time. It was because she trusted him too much and he betrayed her with every chance he had. Worst of it, he did it without actually understanding what he was doing.

This thought annoyed Sarang as she was also staring into Manse’s begging eyes behind the glass wall. From his appearance alone, Sarang knew he went straight to her place in a rush. She could see the trail of sweat on his forehead and how his chest rose and fell quickly.

Upon noticing that Sarang’s heart had been torn between hesitancy and pride, Manse quickly grabbed a paper bag he was holding earlier and a bucket of red rose. His face still hadn’t changed, still begging for her to forgive him. He pointed the glass door on his left and clasped his palms together in silence plead to let him in.

Sarang counted in her head. It was an easy task to go by the door and let him in. However, it was a different matter to forgive him and let him to be forgiven upon something he had done for too much. She was tired of it. And if she opened the door, he would know that he was forgiven. Just as easy as that.

Manse realized that his plead was not going to work as soon as he looked her lips arched down. Her eyes had never moved from his face but he knew she had made her decision. A pang of guilty feeling hit him. She was persistent, he could see that.

Sarang watched in amusement when Manse put down the stuffs he held and busily searched for something in his jeans’ pockets. It took no time for his phone to make an appearance. Sarang scoffed.

“Still do work even after you meet me huh?” Sarang mumbled in annoyance.

Just when she thought so, her eyes met with Manse’s. He looked at her with a smile plastered on his face. His phone was right next to his ear. It was clear that he was calling someone.   Although she was upset with what he did, she couldn’t help but to wonder who he called.

When she was about to nag on his act, her phone rang noisily. Surprised, she quickly took the phone. The name on the screen surprised her even further. She looked at Manse and he still got that smile on his face. That sincere and foolish smile of his that she used to love but now only irritated her.

Her eyes looked back from the phone screen to him. He signaled her to pick the phone with his fingers. The foolish smile had never faded away even though Sarang stayed cold on her seat. The phone died down a few seconds later, leaving the room with silence. It left a weird impression on her when the sudden silence wrapped her.

Just when she thought he would stop there, the phone rang again. Manse had called her again and he waited for her to pick it up. He never erased his smile even when she looked back at him coldly through the transparent glass. His phone had never left his ear and his left palm was still on the glass wall—leaving a mark on it.

Come on, pick it up,” He mouthed from the other side.

Please,” He mouthed again.

It took her quite long to be convinced that this was not going to hurt her. She wanted to believe that whatever he was going to say, she was not going to open that door or forgive him for what he had done today.

Noona,” Manse’s voice heard from the other side of the phone.

Sarang diverted her eyes on where Manse was, his smile was so wide—relieved that she had picked up his call. He had this spoiled look that Sarang couldn’t help but to be weak on.

Noona, have you eaten?” He asked again softly. Their eyes couldn’t stop staring on each other’s figure.

“Is that even an important question?” She softly asked, talking for the first time.

Manse gave her an apologetic look as he continued, “Mingguk told me you didn’t order any food. I know you’re busy so I’m worried if you forgot to eat your lunch.

“Oh, so you care about that now?” Sarang smirked, watching as his expression turned pale.

I always care about you which you already know, of course. You know that, right?” Manse joked.

Sarang felt a pang of pain hit her hard. If her heart could be shown to Manse, maybe her heart would blood too much from the wound he gave her by what he said. The sudden pain made her to lose her smile. Her eyes stung from the hardship of holding back the tears that had been threatening to fall down.

It was a painful silence for both of them. Painful for Manse as he understood that today’s event had left an unmistakably the most hurtful thing he ever did to her. As for her, it was painful as she understood that he would never understand her or give a slight attention to build their relationship together.

She tried to hold back her tears which was hard to do. Especially when she looked at him and it seemed like he knew what she was thinking. Manse had lost his smile ever since a tear rolled on her face. They didn’t see it coming which made Manse to gasp in surprise. Sarang, on the other hand, tried to stop the tears but she couldn’t.

She tried to wipe the tears but the thought of what had happened between her and Manse for the past two years kept coming to her. Her head was flooded by memories of how Manse would say insensitive things when she needed him to support her or how he refused her plea to come over to Japan from Korea when she was sick and alone—as her parents were both out for vacation in England. And the worst of all was when he didn’t come to Mingguk’s café today to celebrate their anniversary.

Sarang had waited so long for this day. Even for today’s event, she had asked Mingguk to lend the special room on the back of his café for them. She even begged Daehan to let Manse off for this day—which was very hard as Daehan was very strict about this kind of things. Daehan’s matter turned out to be the easiest thing to do as Daehan seemed to adore her.

“You have never asked for anything. And yet, your work is always impressive. So, why not?” Daehan said when she visited his office— which also made her to visit her own CEO’s office.

Mingguk, on the other hand, was very hard to be contacted. She had to contact him through his manager, only to talk for five minutes and a simple yes said in hurry as he was promoting his new album.

Turned out, Manse ruined all of her plan the best today. She was so embarrassed to Daehan and Mingguk for what she had asked them to do for this day alone. Her pride had been thrown out of the window when Manse chose not to come.

Sarang noona, hey,” He called her.

His voice was barely a whisper that she had to assure herself she wasn’t hallucinating. The last attempt she made to verify this was by observing his face on the other side of the glass wall. That was when his fingers motioned her to come closer to the glass wall. She frowned.

Knowing she was about to refuse, Manse talked to the phone once again.

Come over here, I can’t even touch you from where I am. I beg you, noona.”

Sarang knew he was desperate when he kept calling her by ‘noona’. He had never been this formal or polite with her. All this time, he would always call her by names or just ‘love’. Whenever he used ‘noona’ to call her, it downed to them that he was dead serious about something.

Sarang hesitantly dragged herself to where he was sitting. They were so close if not being separated by the thick glass wall between them. It was so close that when Manse put his forehead on the surface, Sarang had to back up a little to observe his face with a better view.

I’m really sorry for what I did today,” Manse said on the phone.

He didn’t look up to look at her which was confusing as it was out of his habit. However, she could clearly see how his work had taken its tool on him. His age couldn’t even be defined anymore. Especially with the way his skin had smooth wrinkles indicating his stress all over his face. Even if he was only twenty five that year, Manse had looked four or five years older by the way he looked now. Sarang couldn’t blame him.

Actor was a hard job. He had to face the public and couldn’t hide or even rest. She knew he wasn’t overworked by the company as Daehan was very fair about jobs schedule for his artists. Not to mention that it was Manse, his own brother, so Daehan probably put more attention on it. It couldn’t be denied though. The fact was Manse had overworked himself, no matter how hard Mingguk and Daehan tried to stop him.

He seemed to be married with his job that when he asked Sarang to be his girlfriend with marriage on mind, everyone was taken back. Even Sarang herself was too taken back by this that Manse had to come over to her house and asked for her father’s approval to marry her. He politely invited himself to the family’s dinner. The family that consisted of three was taken back when he showed up on her private birthday dinner at home. Her mother was the first one who reacted when he finished talking on how he would marry her in two years. Her reaction was quite unpleasant as she asked Manse if he was too tired from the work which caused him to hallucinate.

Although so, their relationship kept sailing. Manse even invited her to the Song’s house on their two hundred days to be introduced to his family. His family was confused when he told them that he was going to introduce Sarang to them. After all, they had known Sarang for forever. It hit them a little bit later that Manse was introducing Sarang as his wife-going to be and not just friend as what they always knew.

It was safe for Sarang to say that although Manse had proven himself to be serious about their relationship, he kept leaving her desired for more in this relationship. When their relationship was found out by the media, Daehan asked for her permission to confirm the news by what Manse had prepared for this moment.

She almost slapped Manse on the face when he confirmed the rumor by saying that it had been their first month in the relationship when in truth, it was their tenth. He had never told the public about ‘dating with marriage in mind’ like what he always boasted to their relatives. She tried to ask him why he lied about their relationship and he answered her by simply smiling as he ruffled her hair. He treated the question as ‘unimportant’ question. That was when she started to question this relationship. Questions had always wrapped her head ever since then.

“I waited for an hour but you didn’t come,” Sarang trembly said as she looked at his still hung low head.

Manse smiled when he heard her talking first. He still didn’t want to look up or open his eyes.

I know. That’s why I asked if you ate already,” He answered back.

“That’s not the case,” She sighed.

It is, Sarang. You know you can get sick if you don’t eat. Especially after waiting for this useless guy,” Manse said.

“Is that why you bring those foods?” Sarang asked, laughing bitterly as she noticed three food boxes on his side.

“I wanted to have a dinner to pay for what I did,” He mumbled.

“So you’re very sorry, huh?” Sarang talked to herself.

Manse laughed bitterly this time on her sarcasm. He had looked up to look at her with a bitter smile she had rarely seen.

“Manse-ya,” She called for him, fingers reaching for his face but touched the glass wall instead. He complied with this as he placed his face on the glass wall again.

I know what you want to say,” He told her with eyes opened wide and stared deep into her.

Shivers ran down her body. Seemed like separation had its moment and everyone knew when it was coming.

“You do?” She replied.

“Try me,” Manse answered—challenging her.

Sarang took a deep breathe before quickly let the words slid out, “Let’s break up.”

I told you I know what you’re going to say,” He chuckled, “but I’m not going to let you do that.

“Why? You know we’re not going to survive until the end!” She yelled as tears once again rolled on her face.

Because of this,” Manse put down his phone and clapped thrice.

One by one, familiar faces showed inside her living room. Started from his family and then hers. She also recognized their colleague—Haru, Lee twins, Junsu and his older brother—and even Yuto was there. Each of them held different stuffs. The ones on the right and left edge were holding balloons and the rest were holding a sheet saying “Choo Sarang, will you marry me? I love you sincerely, Song Manse.”

By now, Manse also had tears rolled on his face. His face was wet with the unstoppable tears.

If you remember my promise, I told your parents and mine we’re going to marry in two years. Today is our second anniversary which also marked the time I’m supposed to propose you,” Manse softly said.

“But why? All this time, why?” Sarang sobbed.

I know it’s hard to believe but I’m working hard all this time to prepare for the time we get married and our marriage life. Even before asking you to be my girlfriend, I worked hard with you in my mind. I want to give you a wedding you’ve always dreamt off,

“You… you read my diary?”

Accidentally, yes,” Manse chuckled.

I’m sorry that my work drifts me away from you,” Manse continued after a moment of silence between them.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Sarang asked, crying even harder.

It was quite hard to express what she felt as she realized that she had taken his action by misunderstanding and she also noticed how people behind Manse were confused as what was going on between them. Sarang understood this was not the scene they were prepared to.

So, Sarang noona. Will you marry me?” Manse asked, this time with a genuine smile on his face once again.

“Stupid, of course I do.”

It took no time for her to unlock opening the glass door and ran into his waiting arms. His scent got into her nose, so familiar and comforting. The warmth that welcomed her was so comfortable that she wondered why she even had the thought of letting go of someone who would welcome her and understand her when times got rough.

Maybe, his romantic self was still there and he just didn’t know how to express himself. Whatever the case was, Sarang knew she wanted this man in her life. Now, tomorrow, and the days after that.


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