It’s Okay, That’s Love… I Mean, That’s Drama

Holiday is going to end soon. And it doesn’t matter. What matters is, I already finished watching It’s Okay That’s Love. So, what’s there to regret?

Nothing. I’m telling you, nothing is there to regret. Except, for usual, I don’t have a boyfriend to express this warm feeling I have after watching the drama.


I have a new couple to ship! It’s okay, that’s how dramas work.

So… I’m going to list what I have felt, thought, and found out during my two days and a half watching the drama. Of course, the list is going to be my rants and crazy thoughts.

I have no patient anymore!  So here we go,

  1. I LOVE THE THEME OF THE DRAMA. Especially how the writer mixed up love, medical mental issues, people’s stereotype, and matureness. I’m not sure if there’s any drama I’ve watched that pictured mental ilness and psychology thing this interesting. I have always been interested in psychology thing.  To have a drama that (at least some of the parts) showed me about what I have wondered about… This is just great… Esepecially when they talked about how depression doesn’t have to be severe and everyone has a mental issues. It just matches my believe. So, yeah. Perfect.
  2. GONG HYO JIN IS JUST PERFECT. Before watching the drama, I have been in love for a long time to Hyo Jin unnie. She is just that lovely. I first knew her through The Greatest Love where she starred with Cha Seung Won. I’m the type to avoid mainstream dramas and only pick them up when I think I have enough and I really should try. (Just like what happened to Misaeng. Gosh, another masterpiece). However, after watching The Master’s Sun, I became irritated by her. For some reasons, I do think that her acting is… just average, always with the same expressions and act. Which is kind of hurting me. Cause you know, I’ve been admiring her ever since TGL. But then, when I knew she starred in It’s Okay, That’s Love, I really wanted to watch. My biggest mistake was to read articles about the drama first and because of people’s opinion, I wanted to stay away from the drama. I mean, people were either pushing or pulling opinions on D.O’s acting. ANYWAY, I didn’t regret to watch the drama. I have been in awe on how Hyo Jin could pull off an outdated look, even at some points, weird fashion. I just envy her. She looks good in every clothes. So unfair, don’t you think? Her acting…. Ah… She is just great at it. I won’t complain about it anymore!
  3. OH MY GOD. JO IN SUNG IS SERIOUSLY AN AJUSSHI CRUSH. HIS EYES ARE ALWAYS SCREAMING “I’M HOT”. I had seen In Sung in 1N2D and articles. But not even once in drama. When he did a surprise appearance in 1N2D (that is still a freaking silly episode and how they accidentally brought him still makes me speechless), everyone went crazy. Even the casts! (THEY ALWAYS DISLIKE MEN GUESTS). I was like, “Meh, he’s so overrated.” Then after watching It’s Okay That’s Love, I think I want to re-watch that 1N2D episode and squeal together with the staffs and casts. He has this charm and face that you can not ever ignore. I have always been a fool of handsome faces. And I’ve been bat shit crazy everytime I see a little-bit-handsome man. So, more or less, I can imagine if I saw Jo In Sung in real. ALL I KNOW HE IS A PERFECTION! I would faint if I ever got to meet him.
  4. THE BACKGROUND MUSIC IS ON POINT. I love how their music and songs are repetitive but always on point and fit perfectly to each scene. It’s just a plus point. Especially when there’s this no word scene and then the bgm came slowly. Or how the songs expressed their emotions better than their lines. I think I’m going to browse their OSTs now.
  6. THERE’S A CAST WHO LOOKS LIKE KIM KI BUM (KIM HYUNG JUN’S YOUNGER BROTHER). I don’t know who is he or what’s his name. It’s so confusing to try to find it in Wikipedia or AsianWiki as his picture wouldn’t come up even if I try one by one in Google…. Wtf. Anyway, he’s my second crush after Jo In Sung and I waited for his short screentime no matter what ❤
  7. GONG HYO JIN AND JO IN SUNG’S CHEMISTRY IS GOLD. The entire time I watched the drama, there was no single time I didn’t wish them to be real. I know that Hyo Jin opened up about her relationship with Lee Jin Wook two  years ago and so did Jo In Sung with Kim Min Hee. Although both of them broke at the same time and caused a suspicion. They also seem to stand strong on friend zone. How I wish it would change!
  8. D.O MADE ME TO LOSE MY FOCUS. I JUST WANT TO PINCH HIS CHEEKS EVERYTIME HE SHOWED UP. Enough said. You will know how I feel when you stare on his face too much. Esp with  the fact that his face is everywhere since he’s in EXO so I practically saw him everywhere too. And he just looks like a tiny cute boy. I can not.
  9. THE CLEAN ENDING IS EVERYTHING. I admit that I still can’t get over the fact how the ending was just too clean that there’s almost no room to feel disappointed. Oh, I still have a very tiny room for my disappointment. They didn’t show their baby look. That’s it. Yeah. That’s it.
  10. A DRAMA THAT UNITES EVERYONE TOGETHER. I know that Jo In sung – Kwang Soo – D.O’s friendship is so famous these days. And not to mention how there have been articles about the staffs and casts close friendship. I just want to treasure this fact with me.
  12. SOO KWANG x SO NYEO RELATIONSHIP IS SO CUTE. I admit that this the very first time I get so excited over a supporting couple. They’re just so cute. And I love how Soo Kwang gave a clear line about being a boyfriend and money maker. Ah! Not to forget how he helped So Nyeo to “grow up”.
  13. I’M SO TAKEN BACK BY JANG JAE YEOL’S MATURENESS (Does that word exist?). If you watch the episodes where they always debated over small things, it has always made me to gasp in discomfort. At most times when Ji Hae Soo became spoiled and ignorant, I feel so related to her. It was like watching myself when Hae Soo became upset over the small things and how she reacted after she thought the debate was over. But, Jae Yeol was always so cold and firm whenever Hae Soo became spoiled or crossed the line. He didn’t want to lose but he also had a great argument and logic to support his reactions towards Hae Soo’s acts. And I’m uncomfortable because I know I have been so selfish and being so not logical with things when Jae Yeol started explaining (and also scolding) how he felt to Hae Soo. It was a great slap. His words made me think, “Ah… At the end of the day, you do need someone who will put you in place when you have crossed the line. Someone who will not spoil you and let you to do things selfishly. That’s how adults should date, eh?”
  14. I’M AMAZED AT HOW STRONG PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS AND THOSE WHO ALWAYS LOVE THEM AT THE END OF THE DAY. I know that it looks easy to be with someone with mental illness. I, too, thought that if one day I get to fall in love with someone who has a mentall illness, it would be okay. As long there’s love. However, I have overcome this thought long a go and then through the drama, it just confirmed everything. There’s no such thing as easy love when you’re with someone you love to death and this person has a mental illness you can’t even relate at some points. When Jae Yeol and Hae Soo had to overcome their love despite his illness and Hae Soo’s family pressure, I understood how hard it must be when your loved one is in Jae Yeol’s situation. I have realized since a long time a go. Mental illness is… very hard. And thus, I always respect those who try their hardest to overcome their illness.

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