[Fanfiction] Cinderella

            Title : Cinderella

Cast : Jung Hana (SECRET) & Jang Hyunseung (B2ST)

 Based on Stellar’s Cinderella song.

P.S : This story has been published in Asianfanfics.com under my author name. I really love this story and therefore, posting it here.

Hana could barely hear anything aside of girls’ laughter that surrounded her. The glass surface was no longer cold in her grip. Her wrist muscle even got used to the slow moves she had been doing for the past minutes. The wine inside the glass moved lazily— she wasn’t even sure she wanted to drink them, why did she take it in the first place?

Her eyes roamed around the room, ignoring the girls who were circling around her. Of course, Hana knew them, they were Hyunseung’s friends’ girlfriends. They had met times and she had grown used to each of them. Although she had never been feeling betrayed like now.

Hyunseung promised her a date today, but look where they ended up at. Instead of going out to restaurants like she thought of, Hyunseung drove them to one of his friends’ place. Turned out, Hyunseung had planned a ‘date’ on his friend’s party. There were bunch of people Hana didn’t know in the party but it didn’t matter as this girlfriends’ squad found her first once Hyunseung and her stepped into the room.

Hyunseung had pecked her lips when those girls came and simply waved to the girls as he went away to his own group.

A part of her wondered if she should just leave the party alone or drag Hyunseung with her. She wasn’t in the mood for a party today. Let alone this welcoming squad surrounded her.

Her eyes hadn’t stopped roaming around the room—looking for Hyunseung—when one of the girls suddenly called for her name. Hana found herself to be the center of their attention as her name kept being called off.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” Hana muttered, feeling embarrassed for being caught not listening to their conversation.

“It’s alright,” A brunette hair girl said with a smile. She waved her hand in front of her face.

“What’s wrong, Hana? You seem to lose your focus these days,” The other girl in red hair said. Her gray eyes stared at her curiously.

“Ah, it’s nothing. I was just looking for Hyunseung,” Hana replied hesitantly. She forced a smile as she silently brought her glass to her lips.

“Always missing our boys when we’re left alone, aren’t we?” A black long hair girl said with a laughter. Her black eyes shone brightly as she winked to Hana—as if they shared the same secret.

Hana chuckled coldly.

“I’m sorry, I need to go to the restroom,” Hana said lowly as the laughter died down.

Five heads nodded in unison. Hana quickly turned around and found her way to the restroom. She had been in this house nth times. She could remember almost every rooms inside. After all, this house was her type.

The house was literally a box with many windows and rooms. The owner had painted it with cream and red—his favorite colors. The house was divided into two floors, three bedrooms with personal bathrooms upstairs and the rest of the rooms were downstairs. The bedrooms were side by side as only the left half of the house was divided into two floors. The dining room and kitchen were under the second floor.

Hana was going to walk to the restroom next to the stairs when she decided she wanted to have more privacy. Her legs automatically walked into one of the guest bedrooms. She silently turned the key around as her eyes adjusted to the pitch black darkness surrounded her.

Her legs suddenly couldn’t support her weigh anymore. She felt the cold door rubbed her back as she slid down to the floor. Her body suddenly felt tired and so did her eyes. She wanted to go home, to cuddle into her blanket as she listened to songs and read books or simply just watch TV.

Hana hated social bonding party like this. If she wanted to bond with her friends, she preferred to have some talks as they hung out in a café or going to trips. This kind of social bonding was Hyunseung’s favorite. He loved to come to one.

‘For networking!’ He claimed.

Hyunseung was always a bright man. Hana fell for him because of that. She had always admired that bright personality of his. She was the totally opposite of him. Her personality was so-so, almost dark even. However, when she met Hyunseung, all her problems and worries seemed to be dust.

She was so into him. He was a handsome man with steady career and knew what he wanted in life. It took two months for her to make him noticed her presence. She did all she had to. She was desperate.

Their first meeting was almost a year ago in one of Hyunseung’s company party. She was invited as respentative for her own company. Hyunseung’s company had been her company’s new client. Her colleagues always called Hyunseung’s company as ‘flower garden’. Hana had never wanted to admit that until she attended the party.

It was really crowded as the company had just released a new product—something that was said to be a new leading trend among rich people—and people were dead curious of how the product looked like. Hana was lucky she didn’t get lost in sea of people as she tried to find a place to sit.

The room was dark as they already presented the new product. Hana saw some flashes of light in the front row—probably journalists taking photos as the spoke person talked. Almost everyone had stopped talking and faced the front to watch the man talked. Hana had noticed a glimpse of chairs on the further left part of the room and there was where she was heading.

Hana saw there was an empty chair left and she hurriedly walked over the crowd. Once she had been seated, she sighed.

“Rough night?” Someone suddenly asked next to her—startling her.

“Well, parties have never been my specialty,” Hana answered back with a shrug.

And the man next to her laughed.

“Parties are meant for everyone,” He said between his laughter.

The party was coming to end as Hana was deep in conversation with the man. At the end of the party, she had known the man’s name and his job.

Ever since that night, Hana had tried to find about him. She even threw her mysterious image and ignored her love anxiety as she asked her female colleagues. Even when she did the search, she also wondered why she did this. Love had never been her thing. She knew dating was a hard thing for her, especially with the lack of experience she had in relationships. But this man, she wanted to have him for herself. He was so attractive and there was a part of her that gave her illusion of being taken care of him would be the only thing she wanted in this world.

And when they finally started dating, Hana was more than dumbfounded. Her doubts suddenly vanished. She was dating someone. And he was almost as perfect as her imagination. He took care of her in every way possible although there were times it got rough, Hana wanted to call their relationship as a fairytale.

It didn’t feel real.

And she realized today, in this party, she had never been ready for relationship, let alone love. This relationship was both a hell and heaven. Maybe if she was honest, this relationship fit her imagination too much but at the same time, she had hurt herself too much to fit into this relationship.

She had caught her reflection in the mirror earlier before she left her house. And for the first time after a while, she realized there was a dark shadow lingering around her. Where was the bright her when she was still alone and happy with herself? Why did she change into someone she couldn’t recognize? Who was this girl going with Hyunseung who wore pretty dress and high heels unconsciously like it was a part of her?

Hana looked straight in the darkness. Never once she thought of leaving Hyunseung but today somehow she was tempted to do the idea. There were times when she didn’t feel comfortable with him and his social circle but he had told her many times that she would be fine if she just followed him and be on his side.

‘I’m always going to protect you,’ He said that time.

Did he really do that? Or did he just merely change her into someone he wanted her to be?

They had been going out for a while and Hyunseung brought her deeper in this relationship, into something serious. She even could guarantee Hyunseung would propose her in a year or so. He had always talked about marriage and planned everything—happily. Although she had never really given a satisfying reply to his plans.

She was too afraid to tell Hyunseung that she was afraid of marriage and she was full of worries. If she had to be honest, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to be married with Hyunseung or going longer with this relationship.

Hana heaved a deep breath. She wanted to see Hyunseung. To prove to herself that Hyunseung was the love of her life. To prove to herself that Hyunseung was the perfect place to put her heart safely.

Her legs were stiff from being folded too long. Hana slowly turned the key and stepped outside the room. The light blinded her for a moment as she tried to adjust her sight. Once she was sure it was safe for her to walk, Hana climbed the stairs and went straight to where chatters voices were coming.

Hana didn’t have to try to look for too long as she recognized Hyunseung right away. Her breath was caught in her throat. Even in the crowd, Hyunseung stood out. His brightness blinded her eyes. For a moment, she wondered if she had the right to look at that bright man whose aura could blind everyone’s eyes.

And suddenly everything felt wrong. She looked at herself and wondering why she wore such pretty clothes. She glanced on Hyunseung and wondered if being curious of him after their first meeting was the right to do. This so called relationship she had with Hyunseung, what was it actually? She could no longer recognize everyone and herself.

Hyunseung’s eyes suddenly met with hers. He smiled warmly with a nod.

Hana looked at him blankly as a single drop of tears fell down on her face.

“Where am I? Who am I?” She asked to no one as she and Hyunseung stared at each other.

In this smiling people, where was her position to stand?

She knew she had failed herself. Her heart had no safe place anymore.


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