Once Upon A Time : Hyosung Oneshot Collection

Once Upon A Tine: Hyosung Oneshot Collection

Chapter 3:


Hyosung x Husband


Hyosung wrapped the towel around her body. The cold air bit into her skin as soon she stepped outside the shower. She didn’t expect the effect of stepping out from the hot shower was that much. Silently, she made a mental note on how she would choose bath instead of the shower at nights—even if that made her husband waited longer.

“Tch,” Hyosung sneered over the thought of her husband waited for her outside.

Her husband. The word echoed inside her head. After they had Rin in their live, Hyosung had never once thought of that title seriously. She had always been amazed by the fact that title stuck on him.

After having Rin, Hyosung thought of him and her as a package. They were parents, he was the father and Hyosung was the mother. It was the role they played along for quite some years now.

Of course, there were intimate nights when he would constantly remind her of who they really were when there were just two of them. When they were alone, they were passionate lovers admiring their achievement.

Hyosung smiled. She shook the thought away as she wore her nightgown. The mirror in front of her reflected her pale skin.

She had just turned the doorknob when his voice was heard.

“What took you so long?” He whined.

Hyosung chuckled. He had never stopped amusing her. A spoiled lover, what a perfect husband material.

“Unlike you, I take showers seriously,” Hyosung calmly said as she headed to the dresser.

“Hey, a shower purpose is to wet yourself, not a long ritual,” He protested.

Hyosung shook her head on his ridiculous defense.

“I know you’re just lazy, stop making excuses,” Hyosung told his reflection in the mirror.

The dresser was located right in front of the bed, and the mirror was indeed very lengthy—it had the same length as the bed’s head. Thus, most of the time, Hyosung was able to see him through the mirror.

She protested him once for the big mirror, saying it was a waste of money and space.

‘Isn’t our job is to look good? We need a mirror that could hold both of us in one place,’ He explained with his famous cheeky grin.

“Rin doesn’t talk much these days,” He started talking.

Hyosung watched as he slipped into the blanket and took a book from the nightstand as he asked her. She had never seriously told him this, but she had always observed the way he moved and what he did whenever they were alone. If anything, she had notes of those things inside her head.

“She’s just being a normal teenager,” Hyosung calmly replied, applying her night creams.

“Is it always this hard to handle puberty girls?” He sighed.

Hyosung chuckled. Rin had been unfair on him lately. She had ignored his jokes and only reacted to Hyosung. Of course, Hyosung had talked to her and turned out, Rin was mad at her father for blurting corny jokes in front of her friends. And, he didn’t understand how serious that was, at least for Rin.

“You can always apologize to her,” Hyosung stated simply.

“Those jokes weren’t that bad,” He mumbled stubbornly—averting her oh-please-you’re-not-serious-look.

“I told her about Junjin today,” Hyosung softly said as she climbed into the bed.

As expected, it took his attention completely. Hyosung could see the sudden alert in his eyes when he lifted his eyes from the book he was holding.

“The man who made you swear you’d never date older men?” He asked sarcastically.

“Oh, please,” Hyosung rolled her eyes on the sarcasm.

“Truth hurts,” He shrugged.

Hyosung cracked a smile.

“Yes,” She said softly.

“He made it hard for me,” He stated the obvious.

“But we’re here now,” Hyosung told him, her fingers reached for his face.

His jaw was rough from the stubbles he had. And, Hyosung liked it. She liked this messy side of him—a side that was only for her to see.

“After so many struggles for trust and a grain of karma,” He stated.

Hyosung laughed on his statement.

She understood well what he was talking.

There was one point in her life when she told everyone firmly that she didn’t like older men in a relationship and prefer younger men instead. Turned out, her husband now was a few years older than her.

He had always told her it was karma.

‘You stubbornly told the world you want younger men, the earth gave you the opposite,’ He mocked her.

“You, too, get a karma, don’t you?” She whispered.

They had been laying on their sides and staring into each other’s eyes—letting the time to poke fun at each other.

He smiled sweetly at her when she tried to remind him of what he had said years ago.

“Yes. I got you, someone from the entertainment industry. Just like me,”

“And yet, you preferred ordinary women outside of this field,” She finished the sentence.

He chuckled.

“Yes,” He said.

They grinned at each other upon the memories and their stubborn statements at the past and how life turned at them.

“But, still. Why did you tell Rin about Junjin?”

“Her situation matched my past with Junjin. So, why not?” Hyosung explained.

She noticed his change of expression when she answered. It was an expression of jealousy. Both of them knew how crucial Junjin for Hyosung was at the time and how hard they put an effort to move on from each other. It was definitely not his favorite.

He was still deep in his jealousy when she moved forward and planted a peck on his nose.

“He’s just a past, I have you now,” She softly said.

He locked her eyes with him. She knew him too well. There were doubt and fear inside him whenever Junjin’s case brought up. So, she had always told him that there was no other than him for her now.

He finally grinned stupidly again after a long stare.

“I know,” He said.

He snuggled closer to her—his nose planted on her hair, and her hand held his.

“I love you,” She whispered. And, she knew he tried to hide that stupid grin of his when he tightened his arms around her.



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