Once Upon A Time : Hyosung Oneshot Collection [Teaser]

“Mom!” A 16-year-old girl couldn’t stop bothering her mother in the kitchen.

“What is it, Rin-ya?” Her mother sighed and stopped whatever she was doing to focus on the young girl.

“Did you date a lot before being with Daddy?” She bluntly asked.

“Yah! Your daddy is going to sulk if he heard you!” Hyosung glared the young girl in panic.

Rin chuckled watching her mother suddenly panic over one question.

“What made you ask that question?!” Hyosung asked as she moved to sit next to Rin on the dining chair.

Rin flashed a cheeky grin before taking out a box from under the table.

“I found this when cleaning the garage. So many photos of Mommy and guys — handsome guys to be exact.”

She watched as Hyosung’s face became pale. Being the cheeky girl she was, Rin poured out the contents of the box. Various things were on the table, from photos until letters.

“So, what kind of deal do you want to make with Mommy now?” Hyosung sighed, knowing she had lost her only daughter.

“What about telling me about each of these guys every day? Andddd, you can tell me what they’re doing now. You have always told me that Daddy is your only boyfriend. I’m tired of that lie,” Rin scoffed, remembering how cheesy her parents could be whenever she asked how did they meet.

“Fine!” Hyosung yelled, throwing her hands in the air, “As long you don’t tell your Dad.”

“Try me,” Rin chuckled.

Poster credit : my beloved friend 28thofmay.


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