If I called The Liar and His Lover “old”, then Hot Road is something between young and old. Hot Road is a 2014 Japanese movie which is starred by Rena Nounen as Kazuki Miyachi– lead female– and Hiroomi Tosaka as Hiroshi Haruyama–lead male. Hot Road is the movie adaptation of Hotto Rodo by Taku Tsumugi.

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[OPINION/MOVIE] The Liar and His Lover

The Liar and His Lover can be considered an old movie– released on Decemberr 14th, 2013– it is one of my favorite movie. The movie touched my feelings the first time I watched it and it still does everytime I play it.

The movie tells a story of a young couple which consist of Riko and Aki. The two are musicians who falls in love after a strange ecounter on a bridge after Aki’s break up from his popular singer girlfriend. However, Aki doesn’t know that Riko is a musician–or a singer to be exact– and therefore he tries his hardest to hide his identity from her. He is hoping his undiscovered identity will help him to have a normal relationship. Riko, admitting that she falls in love in first sight to Aki, is anxious to tell Aki that she loves to sing.

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Hyosung looked around her and it hurt her to see the couples walking hand in hand. Her palms sweated from the heat and yet, it felt cold somehow. Inside, her heart ached for the love she had been longing for the last three years. No, it wasn’t a love just from anyone that she wanted. It was his love that she had been longing for.

She missed him. Three years and the feeling still didn’t go away. Hyosung hated herself for being this weak. Most importantly, to be forced to acknowledge how empty she was feeling with his disappearance.

His name was Jung Joon Young. And Hyosung was his.

[Book Review] Blue Romance by SHEVA, A Cup of Bitter-Sweet Live in A Book


“Selamat datang di Blue Romance, sebuah coffe shop yang buka setiap hari, dan mungkin kau lewati hari ini.

Blue romance menyediakan kopi ternikmat dan sahabat saat kau dituntut untuk terus terjaga. Blue Romance juga punya banyak cerita. Ada kisah jatuh cinta dan patah hati, perpisahan dan pertemuan kembali. Kisah-kisah ini berbalut kafein dan aroma kopi, berderai tawa dan tangis, di sela desis coffee maker.

Seperti Latte, Affogato, Americano dan Espresso, setiap kisah punya kopinya sendiri.

Kisah mana yang cocok dengan kopimu?” – Sinopsis Blue Romance

Pernah membayangkan bagaimana jika secangkir kopi yang kamu sukai ternyata bisa menggambarkan kisah hidupmu? Atau bagaimana secara kebetulan tempat favoritemu membeli kopi merupakan tempat favorite bagi banyak orang dengan latar belakang kehidupan yang berbeda, dan setiap orang dari mereka bisa digambarkan dengan secangkir kopi?

Blue Romance merupakan kumpulan cerpen dengan sebuah kedai kopi menjadi latar tempat berkumpulnya berbagai orang dengan latar hidup yang berbeda-beda namun sama-sama menemukan ketenangan dan kenyamanan di kedai tersebut.

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[BOOK REVIEW] Ghostwritten By Isabel Wolfe

Your past is what makes you into you and it will always be a part of you.

That’s what I understood after finished reading Ghostwritten by Isabel Wolfe. It’s a wonderful book that took Indonesia’s history for one of the main characters’ life story. This is quite interesting, as Isabel decided to take the Second World War setting so far to the east and not in Europe or West as usual.

I bought the book for Rp 26.000,00  ( or 1.99 USD) in Periplus, it was during the mid-year sale and I just didn’t want to miss the chance to buy great books with great deals!

I have bad experiences with discount books. Usually, the contents are not as impressive as their synopsis and I’m too lured by the price. So, I didn’t have high expectation either for Ghostwritten, considering the price and my experiences.

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